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About Us
Huawei University is located in Shenzhen, a beautiful young city in south China, It is consisted of a series of buildings that take up a landscape of 275,000 m2, that are divided into the teaching area and the residential area, of which the former occupies a land area of 155,000 m2 and the latter 120,000 m2. The afforestation coverage is over 80%.
Main Training Building
Teaching Facilities
The teaching area consists of the main training building, the advanced training center and the administration building.

The main training center is the main body of the university. It has 120 multimedia classrooms and advanced management conference rooms and 7,000 m2 communication labs to simultaneously accommodate more than 3,600 customers and employees for classroom study, case study, hands-on practice, engineering maintenance practice, e-learning and other training needs.
Hall Self-service Tea Rooms
The main teaching building is a complex of two stories and three stories. There are corridors lingking the classrooms, and open air or internal gardens. Outer corridors are set for the trainees to take a break. In addition, comfortable self-service cafeteria are set at several spots.
Advanced Training Center
The advanced training center is used for receiving senior trainees around the world. It consists of seven classrooms. In addition to first-class audio and visual teaching facilities, there are cafeterias for the trainees to have a break, offering an advanced training environment with complete facilities for trainees from all over the world.
The administration building is connected to the main training building by a closed corridor. It is the office of up to 700 teaching and management staffs. At present, Huawei University has about 1,700 full-time and part-time lecturers, of whom 121 are for management training and 1,599 are for technical training. The training can be in multiple languages such as Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.
Residential and Leisure Area of the Trainees
Huawei has a European-style garden residential area for its employees and the trainees --- Baicao Yuan, which provides 3,700 suits of star apartments for the trainees.

As the living area of the trainees, Baicao Yuan has such auxiliary facilities as the street mall, the gym and the club. The 12,000 m2 club has sufficient sports facilities, including the swimming pool, ping pong ball, billiards, table tennis, basketball, tennis, beach volleyball and gym, all of which enable the trainees to enjoy a healthy and happy leisure life after work and study.
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