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Nigeria Training Center
Nigeria Training Center is located in Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria. On the opening day, so many important people such as the Head of Ministry of Communications of Nigeria, the Chairman of NCC, the Ambassador of P. R. China in Nigeria, the President of the Southern Africa Region of Huawei, the Presidents of the major operators of Nigeria (e.g. MTN and Statcomms), and the Representatives of more than twenty-five main telecom operators coming from the neighbouring
countries (such as Benin, Togo and Cameroon) met together in Abuja to congratulate Nigeria Training Center on its establishment. Lots of Government officials and operators representatives sent their earnest congratulatory message. The Head of Ministry of Communications of Nigeria commented: until now, there are many transnational companies which have provided telecom equipments for Nigeria, but Huawei was the first one to establish a training center and cultivate telecom talents for Africa. Hope Huawei have a more splendid future!

Nigeria Training Center is surrounded by a beautiful and comfortable training environment , and equipped with sets of training facilities of Huawei products. It can provides multiplex training modes, and has the product training capability for the whole Southern Africa region.
E-mail: SA-training@huawei.com

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